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    Flight of the Possum - Australian Whisky Tasting Set

    $139 / 40-60% ABV / 12x30mL

    In-stock and available now!

    We proudly present our ultimate indulgence in Australian craft whisky. We've compiled 12 of our favourite local whiskies and bottled them in sleek matte black bottles to construct the first-ever Australian whisky tasting set.


    The Flight of the Possum set features whiskies from TAS, VIC, NSW, WA and QLD. Many of them have won major awards, but we've also selected a few which have hardly been seen. We've also compiled a tasting and inspiration guide with detailed information about each whisky, profiles of each distillery and a history of whisky making in Australia.


    All 12 whiskies are hand-packed neatly into a sleek matte black White Possum box, suitable as a gift or a way to spoil yourself.

    Have a dram... or twelve

    Each whisky is presented in a 30ml matte-black glass sampler bottle and labelled with the distillery, whisky name and where it was distilled. A 14-panel tasting booklet contains all the nitty gritty facts to keep you occupied during tasting.

    Featured whiskies

    'Tiger Snake' by Great Southern Distilling | 'Starward Solera' by New World Whisky Distillery | 'Single Malt' by Timboon Distillery | 'AWC Single Malt' by Castle Glen Distillery | 'Empire 8' by Dobson's Distillery | 'Rye Whisky' by Belgrove Distillery | 'Sullivans Cove Double Cask' by Tasmania Distillery | 'Starward Wine Cask' by New World Whisky Distillery | 'Peated Single Malt' by Hellyers Road Distillery | 'Old Reliable' by Dobson's Distillery | 'Crazy Uncle Moonshine' by Whipper Snapper Distillery | 'Limeburners Sherry Cask' by Great Southern Distilling





    Flight of the 'Juniper Possum' - Australian Gin Tasting Set

    $129 / 40-57% ABV / 12x30mL

    In-stock and available now!

    Our Australian gin tasting set is the first of its kind. With the recent explosion in Australian gins, we knew there had to be a better way to enjoy them.


    The Flight of the Juniper Possum features gins from NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and the ACT. Each is the result of tireless experimentation by a local distiller, and we're proud to present each one of them in this tasting flight. The set comes with a tasting booklet with detailed information about each gin, a profile of each distillery and interesting facts about gin in Australia.


    All 12 gins are hand-packed neatly into a sleek matte black White Possum box, suitable as a gift or to seek out your own gin adventure.

    Come with us on a botanical adventure

    Perfect for a night-in, camping trip or a spontaneous mid-week celebration. Whatever the occasion, this is the ultimate line-up of Australian gin in 30ml samplers. Just bring tonic, ice and enough glasses to share around.

    Featured gins

    'Garden Grown Gin' by Distillery Botanica | 'Signature Dry Gin' by Archie Rose Distillery | 'Spiced Negroni Gin' by Four Pillars Distillery | 'Classic Dry Gin' by McHenry Distillery | 'O Gin' by Kangaroo Island Spirits | 'The Broadside' by The West Winds Gin | 'Ink Gin' by Husk Distillery | 'Gin' by Canberra Distillery | 'Applewood Gin' by Applewood Distillery | 'Copperwave Gin' by Hunter Distillery | 'Grasslands Gin' by White Possum | 'Gin' by Loch Distillery





    Flight of the 'Pygmy Possum' - Australian Rum Tasting Set

    $79 / 35-56% ABV / 6x30mL

    In-stock and available now!

    The latest of our tasting flights, this 6pc Australian Rum tasting set showcases the best of Aussie craft rum, featuring small-batch rums from far flung distilleries in north-western WA, south-western WA, rural NSW and the Adelaide Hills.

    Small batch rum in petite form

    Each rum is bottled in our trademark 30ml matte-black glass bottles, which existing fans will be no doubt familiar with! An accompanying tasting booklet describes each distillery and their rums in intimate detail.

    Featured rums

    'Ord River Overproof' by Hoochery Distillery | 'Dead Man's Drop' by Stone Pine Distillery | 'Canefire' by Kimberley Rum Company | 'Gunnery Spiced White Rum' by Adelaide Hills Distillery | 'Bushtucker Spiced'' by Illegal Tender Rum Co | '1866 Tumbulgum Rum' by Husk Distillery





    Australian Negroni Tasting Flight - Compiled by White Possum

    $85 / 6 pre-bottled Negronis

    In-stock and available now!

    We've put together a solid tasting flight to make any Negroni lover's dream come true. This tasting flight of pre-bottled Negroni cocktails features six Negronis made by various Australian distilleries and bartenders. You'll be surprised at the diversity of flavours within this flight - each of these handmade cocktails uses a slightly different ingredient list, process, finishing touch or wave of a mixology wand. Grab a glass, a big hunk of ice, some orange peel and bring on the ultimate bittersweet tasting session!

    What's in the box

    Our Negroni Tasting Flight comes packed in a brown recycled-cardboard gift box and includes:

    • Negroni by The Bottled Cocktail Co
    • Negroni by The Everleigh Bottling Co
    • Apothecary Negroni by Killara Distillery
    • Salt and Pepperberry Negroni by The West Winds Gin
    • Negroni by Cocktail Archive Co
    • Naked Negroni by Melbourne Martini
    • Tasting cards for each included Negroni






    Gin Tasting Set by Original Spirit Co

    $79 / 40-48% ABV / 3x200mL

    In-stock and available now!

    A triple whammy tasting set featuring Original Spirit Co's two core gin expressions (Classic Dry and Bushcrafted Dry) as well as their limited release Barrel Aged Gin which has been aged for a year in old ex-Tawny casks. The functional cardboard carry case has been deeply embossed and makes a great premium gift.





    Gin Tasting Set by Animus Distillery

    $75 / 50% ABV / 3x100mL

    In-stock and available now!

    This stylish tasting set is made of balsa-wood and houses Animus Distillery's three core gin expressions (Classic Dry, Ambrosian and Arboretum) in 100ml each. Each of the gins is bottled at over-proof strength, so this triple set packs a punch. Typically only available direct from their cellar door, we're proud to be stocking this bold tasting set for you to try.





    Gin Tasting Set by Bass & Flinders Distillery

    $39 / 40% ABV / 3x50mL

    In-stock and available now!

    We are one of very few privileged stockists of the Bass & Flinders Distillery's gin tasting set. Designed to highlight their core range of gins (Soft & Smooth Gin, Monsoon Gin, and Gin 10), this pack includes a 50ml mini bottle of each. This set is a fantastic place to start tasting your way through this small boutique distillery's products.