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  • Australian Gin Advent Calendar 2017

    $199 / 27-58% ABV / 25x30mL

    Out of stock - sorry folks, we just sold out of all our available sets.

    After the inaugural release of our Aussie Craft Gin Advent Calendar for Xmas 2017, we sold out quickly but were left with two sets which made their way back to us due to delivery issues. Having since refunded those orders, we're now left with two sets available (still in great condition!) to anyone who's interested!


    The advent calendar is a careful compilation of 25 mystery local gins, made by distilleries all over the nation (from 6 states and territories, to be precise). In fact, some of these gins were 'limited edition' runs and are no longer available in the wild.

    Included in the calendar


    25x 30ml Australian gins

    Curated to display a broad variety of gin types, ranging from the traditional London Dry style through to barrel-aged infusions. Each 30ml gin sample is presented in our signature matte-black glass bottle,


    Tasting notes
    Each gin also comes with a short snippet about the distillery and the gin itself.


    Bottle of tonic syrup

    On Day 1, you'll also find a 200ml bottle of locally made Sin-Ko-Nah tonic syrup to kick off your tonic supply for the entire month.