Spirit Subscriptions


    Australian hand-crafted whisky, gin, liqueur (and more) delivered

    regularly to your door by Australia's favourite possum.


    A monthly tipsy surprise in the mail is what we do best.

    These are subscriptions designed for the discerning drinker.




    This is a White Possum Box

    Welcome to White Possum Subscriptions.

    The only time when a mysterious black box is a good thing.

    Every 1, 2, or 3 months you'll receive one right at your door.





    Inside the Box

    In each White Possum box, you'll find at least two things. Sometimes three.


    Bottle of Australian spirits

    First you'll find a bottle of small batch, locally handmade spirit. Depending on your preference, this could be a bottle of gin, liqueur or a 'random' spirit!

    Tasting and fact card

    Next to the bottle you'll find a tasting and fact card for some light reading about the distillery, how the spirit is made, and a cocktail recipe.

    Botanical study

    In each Gin Guzzler subscription you'll also find samples of actual botanicals used to make the spirit along with a fact sheet about that botanical.




    Check out a Real Subscription

    We aren't a typical subscription service where everyone

    gets the same thing in a given month. Instead, almost

    everyone's subscription is different, and we work with our

    distilleries to make your journey as interesting as possible.


    Watch the video to see what could be in a real subscription.





    As Featured On

    "Cracking open a handcrafted whisky, gin or liqueur is all about the experience. Doing it every month is the White Possum experience."


    - 4ZZZ Radio

    "Our idea of a great present would be a regular knock on the door from a delivery person holding a box of plonk."


    - The Age Executive Style

    "If your mum enjoys a wee dram of top shelf spirits, this Mothers’ Day present has her name on it."


    - 5 Of The Best blog




    Our Partner Distilleries

    We're thrilled to have partnered with some of Australia's

    best craft distilleries to bring you their carefully made spirits.


    We've also partnered with CAPI, the award-winning

    local sparkling drink brand, born and raised in Melbourne.





    Subscription Types

    Each of our plans goes for up to 12 deliveries

    and delivered monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

    You can cancel or pause your plan at any time.


    Gin Guzzler

    A true gin adventure and our most popular plan, featuring gins handmade from every corner of the nation. With every bottle, we also include a sample of actual gin botanicals for you to taste, smell and feel.

    Random Scamperer

    Our subscription for lovers of randomness where you have no idea what's in-store for you. Spirits could include whisky, gin, liqueur, vodka, rum, moonshine, or a totally new invention.

    Liqueur Lover

    Featuring liqueurs from all over the country. These are made in a wide range of styles and flavours, from the light and fruity to the dark and bitter. Ideal for the cocktail craftsman.

    Pickled Possum Pack

    This is the ultimate craft spirit indulgence which signs you up for all of the above plans for a triple pack delivery every time. Hands down the best way to make sure you don't miss out on any of the good stuff. If there was ever a plan that packed a punch, this is it.




    The Delivery Calendar

    If you join now, your first delivery will be in May 2018.

    Apart from our standard monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly intervals,

    we can also do completely custom delivery intervals, just ask.


    Monthly Delivery

    Enjoy your craft spirits regularly. Make as many cocktails are you like. Your next delivery is just around the corner.

    Bi-Monthly Delivery

    Not as hardcore as a monthly delivery, this 'once-every-two-months' option strikes a balance between work and play... maybe.

    Quarterly Delivery

    Have the occasional tipple. Add quality spirits to your collection. Support local distilleries along the way.




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