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What do we stand for?

Named after the famous White Possum of Gondwanaland, our little team came together in October 2014 to support and promote Australian-made spirits and their makers. Our warehouse and facility is based in Melbourne.

Sometimes, when a thing is becoming popular, companies of all shapes and sizes will seek to manufacture that thing. Inevitably, the larger companies have the advantage of scale. So the large machinery gets brought in, fat marketing budgets get involved, and eventually those larger companies will dominate the industry. That's a fact of life, and for the sake of industrialisation of the modern world, we're very grateful for it.

But the world is changing. As fortunate citizens of the developed world, we increasingly seek craftsmanship, quality and finesse in what we use and consume everyday.

When the world starts to believe that gin is best made by the machines at Beefeater and whisky by the enormous stills of Glenlivet, we take our hats off to these successful producers. But then we look towards the smaller, more boutique operations at home. As an inventive people, you can bet on Australians to be involved in almost any industry. And if the head distiller at our local Applewood, Starward, Four Pillars, Ironbark or Hunter Distilleries can beat the international giants at their game in blind taste tests, then we see no reason not to stand by our own and to support them in their own quest for perfection.

Before we offend any of our local distilleries, may it be known that the aforementioned five distilleries were completely randomly selected from a long list of award winning producers!

Everything we do revolves around introducing Australian spirits to those who may not have tried any at all, and those who may have only had the occasional tipple. We're not your typical bottle shop (well, it's hard to pretend to be without a physical shop front anyway). We like to think of ourselves as creative retailers. Hopefully you'll agree.

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