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  • Flight of the Pygmy Possum - Heartwood Family collection

    $239 / 61-66% ABV / 6x30mL

    Extremely limited stock. Pre-orders are open now!

    We're proud to present our first premium whisky tasting set. The 'Heartwood Family' features rare whiskies from acclaimed Tasmanian independent bottler Heartwood. We're honored to have been given the go-ahead by Heartwood to put together this 6x 30ml set of cask strength drams, including both old (and rare) favourites as well as the newly released '@#$%^&' (or whatever you wish to call it). The set is structured the same way as our popular 'Flight of the Possum' Australian whisky tasting set, including a set of notes highlighting the story and production details around each whisky.

    Featured whiskies

    • 'The Toddler' - 63.1% ABV, peated spirit aged for 4 years in ex-Sherry oak.
    • 'We are Brothers' - 65.6% ABV, aged for 10 years in ex-Bourbon oak.
    • 'We are Cousins' - 62.4% ABV, aged for 11 years in ex-Bourbon oak.
    • 'We are Twisted Cousins' - 63.0% ABV, aged for 11 years in ex-Bourbon oak and finished in ex-Sherry oak for 4 months.
    • 'The Beagle 4' - 61.0% ABV, a blend of 12 casks from Tasmania Distillery and Lark Distillery.
    • '@#$%^&' - 62.5% ABV, aged for 11 years in ex-Port oak and finished in ex-Sherry oak.

    Drink from the right glass

    We've partnered with Australian designers, Denver & Liely, to bring you their flagship hand-crafted whisky glass as an add-on option to your tasting set.

    This is a pre-order offer. Shipping ETA is late July (or earlier if all the cardboard bits and bobs arrive in time).

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