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  • Flight of the Possum - Australian Whisky Tasting Set

    $139 / 40-60% ABV / 12x30mL

    In-stock and available now!

    White Possum presents our ultimate indulgence in Australian craft whisky. We've compiled 12 of our favourite local whiskies and bottled them in sleek matte black bottles to construct the first-ever Australian whisky tasting set.


    The Flight of the Possum set features whiskies from TAS, VIC, NSW, WA and QLD. Many of them have won major awards, but we've also selected a few which have hardly been seen. We've also compiled a tasting and inspiration guide with detailed information about each whisky, distillery profiles and a history of whisky making in Australia.


    All 12 whiskies are hand-packed neatly into a sleek matte black White Possum box, suitable as a gift or a way to spoil yourself.

    Featured whiskies

    'Raymond B' by Hoochery Distillery | '12 Year Old Original Single Malt' by Hellyers Road Distillery | 'Starward Solera' by New World Whisky Distillery | 'Single Malt' by Timboon Distillery | 'AWC Single Malt' by Castle Glen Distillery | 'Empire 8' by Dobson's Distillery | 'Rye Whisky' by Belgrove Distillery | 'Sullivans Cove Double Cask' by Tasmania Distillery | 'Peated Single Malt' by Hellyers Road Distillery | 'Old Reliable' by Dobson's Distillery | 'Crazy Uncle Moonshine' by Whipper Snapper Distillery | 'Limeburners Sherry Cask' by Great Southern Distilling Company

    Designed to spoil yourself or someone else

    Each whisky is presented in a 30ml matte-black glass sampler bottle and labelled with the distillery, whisky name and where it was distilled. A six-panel info leaflet contains all the nitty gritty facts to keep you occupied during tasting.

    Drink out of the right glass

    We've partnered with Australian designers, Denver & Liely, to bring you their flagship hand-crafted whisky glass as an add-on option to your Flight of the Possum set.

    Flight of the Pygmy Possum - Heartwood Family collection

    $239 / 61-66% ABV / 6x30mL

    Very limited stock, available now!

    Welcome to our first premium whisky tasting set. The 'Heartwood Family' features rare whiskies from acclaimed Tasmanian independent bottler Heartwood. This 6x 30ml set of cask strength drams includes rare old bottlings as well as a new release. The set is structured the same way as our popular 'Flight of the Possum' Australian whisky tasting set, including a set of notes highlighting the story and production details around each whisky.

    Featured whiskies

    • 'The Toddler' - 63.1% ABV, peated spirit aged for 4 years in ex-Sherry oak.
    • 'We are Brothers' - 65.6% ABV, aged for 10 years in ex-Bourbon oak.
    • 'We are Cousins' - 62.4% ABV, aged for 11 years in ex-Bourbon oak.
    • 'We are Twisted Cousins' - 63.0% ABV, aged for 11 years in ex-Bourbon oak and finished in ex-Sherry oak for 4 months.
    • 'The Beagle 4' - 61.0% ABV, a blend of 12 casks from Tasmania Distillery and Lark Distillery.
    • '@#$%^&' - 62.5% ABV, aged for 11 years in ex-Port oak and finished in ex-Sherry oak.

    Flight of the 'Juniper Possum' - Australian Gin Tasting Set

    $129 / 40-57% ABV / 12x30mL

    In-stock and available now!

    Our new Australian gin tasting set is the first of its kind. With the recent explosion in Australian gins, we knew there had to be a better way to enjoy them. We've compiled 12 of our favourite local gins and bottled them into sleek matte black bottles.


    The Flight of the Juniper Possum features gins from NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and the ACT. Each is the result of tireless experimentation by a local distiller, and we're proud to present them in this tasting flight. The set comes with a tasting and inspiration guide with detailed information about each gin, distillery profiles and interesting facts about gin in Australia.


    All 12 gins are hand-packed neatly into a sleek matte black White Possum box, suitable as a gift or to seek out your own gin adventure.

    Featured gins

    'Garden Grown Gin' by Distillery Botanica | 'Signature Dry Gin' by Archie Rose Distillery | 'Spiced Negroni Gin' by Four Pillars Distillery | 'Classic Dry Gin' by McHenry Distillery | 'O Gin' by Kangaroo Island Spirits | 'The Broadside' by The West Winds Gin | 'Ink Gin' by Husk Distillery | 'Gin' by Canberra Distillery | 'Applewood Gin' by Applewood Distillery | 'Copperwave Gin' by Hunter Distillery | 'Grasslands Gin' by White Possum | 'Gin' by Loch Distillery

    Come with us on a botanical adventure

    Maybe it's Christmas come early or simply an urge to go gin-crazy. Whatever the occasion, here's the ultimate line-up of Australian gin, from the balanced Archie Rose creation to the exotic colour changing Ink Gin.

    Grab a glass to go with your gin

    We've teamed up with DSTILL to bring their range of stylish crystal glasses into your drinks cabinet. Making an order for the 'Flight of the Juniper Possum' set will entitle you to an exclusive coupon to take 15% off DSTILL products.

    Whisky Makers' Kit - DIY Whisky Ageing

    $249 / 700mL Australian malt OR corn spirit + 1L American Oak cask

    In-stock and available now!

    The best way to appreciate a maker's art is to become one. Our all-new Australian Whisky Makers' Kit is for those among us who crave crafting their own masterpieces.


    We wanted to make it possible for anyone to try making whisky, so we teamed up with two Australian distilleries to distill a beautifully smooth un-aged malt spirit using locally grown and malted barley, and an un-aged corn spirit using locally grown corn. Then we searched for a maker of quality hand-crafted American Oak barrels. Finally, we paired the two things together to make this whisky ageing kit.

    For the serious whisky enthusiast

    Suitable for crafting your own single malt, Bourbon-style whisky or any number of cask influenced whiskies. You might even choose to pre-season the cask by ageing sherry, port or red wine before the whisky. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The included charred cask is suitable for making up to half a dozen batches of spirits.


    The kit includes:

    • 700mL bottle of un-aged malt or corn spirit (you'll be asked to select)
    • 1L charred virgin American Oak cask
    • Set of notes with details about whisky history, the ageing process, and DIY ageing instructions

    The Australian Spirits Guide by Luke McCarthy

    $39 / Hard Copy

    In-stock and available now!

    The perfect accompaniment to a tasting session of Australian craft spirits. Go deeper into the industry with Luke McCarthy's genius insights into the history and current bottlings of Aussie spirits.


    From clandestine convict distilleries to the world’s best whisky, The Australian Spirits Guide celebrates the storied past and present of Australia’s spirits industry.

    Perfect while sipping on a dram or two

    Bartender Luke McCarthy explains how spirits are made and looks closely at 60 different spirits including whisky, gin, vodka, rum, brandy, moonshine and more. As you'd expect, there are insightful tasting notes for each spirit, as well as serving suggestions and cocktail recipes. If that weren't cool enough, there's also a brilliantly compiled list of interviews with some of the most influential local distilleries.

    Dark Coffee Liqueur by White Possum

    $52 / 32% ABV / 375mL

    In-stock and available now!

    With our heart and home in Melbourne, it was only a matter of time before we figured a way to bring a love of coffee and spirits in sync.


    Our Dark Coffee Liqueur is designed to satisfy a coffee craving and deliver a warming punch to keep things interesting. It’s made with generously applied freshly roasted coffee beans on a smooth grain based vodka, carefully moderated with a touch of thick maple syrup to round-out the bitterness.


    Made with 100% Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

    Grasslands Gin by White Possum

    $49 / 40% ABV / 375mL

    In-stock and available now!

    With a focus on creating a fine partner to tonic water and sweet vermouth, we made Grasslands Gin - an experimental gin with a floral citrus accent, distilled on the vast expanses of the NSW Highlands.


    Grasslands Gin is made from a hand-picked selection of locally grown botanicals on-site at the distillery, as well as more exotic ingredients which come from afar. Sweet dried oranges and zest of fresh lemons and limes feature prominently in the botanical basket of this citrus love affair.

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